Solar-Related Business

Solar-Related Business

Solar contractors are regulated by the Arizona Revised Statutes. If you plan to install, alter, or repair a solar device, you must first qualify as a solar contractor. Contractors who manufacture, furnish for installation, or install a solar energy device must provide consumers certain documentation. (22)

Contact: Arizona Registrar of Contractors, Notice: Arizona Solar Contractors, 602.542.1525 or 877.692.9762

Additional Information:
Arizona Department of Revenue, TPT Forms: Form 6015 - Solar Energy Devices Application for Registration (22)

Arizona Goes Solar: A collaborative effort led by the Arizona Corporation Commission and implemented by the regulated electric utilities in Arizona. This website is designed to provide residential and business customers with a single source of solar energy options, incentives, and installation data. (22)

Interstate Renewable Energy Council  (IREC) merged with The Solar Foundation, a national nonprofit that has led the advancement of solar energy and solar-compatible technologies since 1977. IREC has made clean energy possible for Americans through cutting-edge solutions that advance renewable energy, electric grid modernization, and energy efficiency. (22)