Waste Products (includes biohazardous medical wastes)

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Solid Waste Unit provides technical reviews and issues permits to landfills and biohazardous medical waste facilities. It reviews detailed design information, operational plans, emergency response plans and financial assurance for all facilities. (20)

Contact: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Waste Programs Division, 602.771.2300


Additional Information:
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Waste Programs Division, Solid Waste Management, Inspections and Compliance: The Solid Waste Inspections and Compliance Unit conducts inspections and provides compliance assistance in the following areas: Lead-Acid Vehicle Batteries, Home Medical Sharps Disposal, Prescription Drug Disposal, Tattoo-generated waste, Contaminated Soils and Special Wastes, Used Oil and Waste Tires.

The RISN Incubator is a niche business accelerator for entrepreneurs in the early stages of waste-to-product innovation with the goal of moving a Circular Economy in the Phoenix area forward further and faster. (20)