Selling to the State of Arizona

Selling to the State of Arizona

To do business with the State you must first register as a vendor online at the State of Arizona’s Procurement Portal, which is the central point for marketing your products and services to State Agencies. There is no cost to you for using this system. 

The Arizona Procurement Portal provides the public with an easy-to-use portal to register as a supplier, subscribe to receive bid/solicitation opportunities, view contract information and securely submit confidential bid information. In addition, the system allows suppliers to more easily provide information about products/services they offer and allows the State to create catalogs of items/services to make it easier for State buyers to find what they need. 

Registration itself does not allow businesses to sell products and/or services to the State. This is accomplished through active participation in the State’s competitive procurement process.

Register your business: State of Arizona’s Procurement Portal

Contact: Arizona Department of Administration, State Procurement Office, ProcureAZ Help Desk Support, 602.542.7600, Email: [email protected]


The State of Arizona consists of over 100 individual agencies whose basic missions are to serve the public’s interest. To better understand individual agency product and service requirements and purchasing methods, direct agency contact is encouraged. The State Procurement Office's online directory, State Agencies Procurement Authority and Contacts, lists buyers' contact names, telephone numbers, and both email and mailing addresses. (24)