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Arizona Opportunity Zones Network

Welcome to the Arizona Opportunity Zones Network, a place to get and share information about Opportunity Zones, Opportunity Funds and related projects in Arizona. Use this service to:

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Connect with Experts

Find an expert, or make others aware of your expertise.

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Explore Funds

Find an Opportunity Fund in which you can invest, or share information about your own fund.

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Find Investments

Find a project seeking funding, or land for sale or lease. You also can share information about your own project or property with potential investors.

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If you would like to be included in the network, please complete one of the forms below.

Investment Opportunities

If you are a property owner, business owner, developer or economic development professional with an Opportunity Zone investment opportunity would like investors and funds to know about, please complete our brief Investment Opportunity Form.




Fund Sponsors

If you are a fund sponsor raising capital or seeking deals and would like to share information about the fund, please complete our brief fund sponsor form.


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Expert Information

If you are a lawyer, accountant, consultant or other professional who focuses on Opportunity Zones or Opportunity Funds and you would like to let others know about your services and expertise, please complete our brief expert information form.


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Investor Information

If you are an investor and would like to share your investment interests with the Arizona Commerce Authority, we’d be happy to connect you to Opportunity Zone and Opportunity Fund investment opportunities in Arizona. Let us know what types of opportunities are of interest to you. This information will not be publicly accessible through the Arizona Opportunity Zones Network. 


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