Industry Strengths

In an age of tech-enabled transformation, all industries are embedded with technology. From traditional technology jobs to technology-infused industries, Arizona companies are setting the stage. Tech plays a vital role within health care, manufacturing, utilities and many other sectors in Arizona.



Arizona is one of the most cyber-prepared states in the country. The state’s cluster of cybersecurity global leaders, university programs and government initiatives fuel the buzzing sector in Arizona. Cutting-edge companies in the state are at the convergence of data protection and cybersecurity, revolutionizing the industry. With the deployment of artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning, Arizona’s industry leaders are securing the nation’s systems.


Data Centers

Arizona’s reliable power, affordable land, robust fiber connections and lack of natural disasters make it the prime location for data centers. Arizona sustainably supplies water to data centers and utility companies provide low-cost energy with high load factor rates. Arizona has become a champion of sustainable water management techniques, ensuring a steady water supply for data centers. Despite a steady population growth over the years, water use is essentially the same now as it was more than half a century ago.

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IT & Software Services

Software enhanced products and services developed in Arizona are revolutionizing everything from the education system to car buying. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies transform file management, home buying and financial management into accessible, user-friendly applications. Innovative software solutions in Arizona support the manufacturing and aerospace & defense industries with implementation services, supply chain management solutions and IoT services.


Semiconductor manufacturers in Arizona are global leaders powering the next generation of devices, cloud computing and technological breakthroughs. Leaders in the state triumph in innovation and represent the nation’s excellence in technology development, including Intel, which houses its largest manufacturing site in the world in Arizona. In addition, the state’s robust supply chain supports efficient and innovative wafer fabrication.

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Arizona’s deep, tech-focused talent pools, strong government support for innovation, and ecosystem for innovators to test new technologies makes the state a hub for blockchain advancements. Although most people associate blockchain technology directly with its use as the backbone of cryptocurrencies, its utility as a secure medium extends far beyond this application. Arizona’s 2018 legislation updated state statutes to specifically authorize companies to hold and share data using blockchain technology, putting this data on par with written records.

Automated Vehicles

Arizona sets the pace for self-driving vehicle innovation. The state is welcoming to automated vehicle entrepreneurs and innovators, attracting global giants as well as emerging tech leaders. In 2015, Arizona became the first state in the nation to support the testing and operation of self-driving vehicles. Since then, Ford, Waymo, GM and Cruise, Intel and Mobileye, and more ADS-developers have launched programs in the state. Arizona is also home to the Institute of Automated Mobility, a consortium of public, private and academic sector leaders advancing the safety, science and policy of AVs.`

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