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Q1: Do I have to be located in Arizona to apply for the AMF Grant?

Answer: No. It is possible for an applying company to be located outside of Arizona, but that company must plan to relocate or create a portion of its operations in Arizona. Read more.

Q2: How do I know what equipment and budget I need to apply?

Answer: All companies must reach out to [email protected] Subj: ATTN KATIE SMITH AMF BUDGET, from ASU’s Core Research Facilities to determine the level of alignment between the company’s needs and ASU’s Core Facilities’ capabilities.

Q3: When will my application be reviewed?

Answer: Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis through the ACA website (link) and will be reviewed quarterly. Submission deadlines for the quarterly reviews are the last day of the month before the review date. See review dates for 2022 below:

  • Quarterly Review #1: March 1st - March 15th (Deadline: February 28th)
  • Quarterly Review #2: June 1st - June 15th (Deadline: May 31st)
  • Quarterly Review #3: September 1st - September 15th (Deadline: August 31st)

Q4: Does my company need to be within certain industry sectors to qualify for the challenge?

Answer: All companies must be fit into one of the industries listed below:

  • Semiconductor
  • Advanced Materials/Advanced Manufacturing
  • Aerospace / Defense
  • MedTech
  • Clean tech / Renewable Energy
  • Information Technology – Hardware

Q5: Does an AMF applicant company have obligations to the ACA beyond receiving the grant funds?

Answer: Yes. Each AMF awardee will sign a legal agreement with the ACA that will obligate the company to various terms of compliance for five years from the date of execution. Companies will be obligated to report the achievement of key business metrics, allow onsite visits by ACA personnel, and supply key documents to the ACA for review as requested.