Arizona Innovation ChallengeAWARDEES

The ACA has committed $3 million dollars annually to advance companies from start-up status to market domination. And it’s already working. Previous winners are advancing solar technology on the global landscape, creating more effective ways of detecting breast cancer, streamlining blood-testing techniques to improve the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what previous winners have to say about their awards – anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 per company:

“Winning the nationally recognized Arizona Innovation Challenge is a stamp of approval that strengthens our credibility with investors and will accelerate commercialization. Viomics will use the grant funds to complete the clinical trials of LungVantage, validate and patent key RNA markers, and publish its trial results in a top-tier medical journal. By early next year, we anticipate that we will be selling the most accurate early lung cancer detection test ever developed,” said  David Mallery, President and Co-Founder, Viomics, 2013 AIC winner.

“It is a very prestigious award and represents a key milestone in the next steps for our company.  With the funds, we plan to build out the commercialization of our TiArray™ Dental Implant in the Arizona and US marketplaces.  This grant is a huge catalyst for launching our initial dental product, developing our second spinal cage product, and for raising the next round of funding from the Arizona community to support these commercialization efforts,” said Dr. Garrett Cale Smith, PhD, Co-Founder/CEO, Nasseo, 2013 AIC winner. 

“The rigorous application and evaluation process forced us to take an even harder look at all aspects of our business which ultimately helped us become even more laser focused on what is takes to be successful.  We intend to use the AIC award funds towards accelerating our product innovation, generating additional brand awareness, creating more sales opportunities, and delivering on our goal of building a world class enterprise mobile cloud software company right here in the state of Arizona,” said  Vaidy Iyer, Founder & CEO, appsFreedom, 2013 AIC winner

Winning the Arizona Innovation Challenge Grant allowed Colnatec to double-double-double in the last year: we doubled production capacity, doubled staff, and in February of 2012, more than doubled our office space. As a result of our increased capacity and increased staff, we expect to triple or even quadruple sales in the next 12 months. In all, the grant was like a vitamin shot that boosted our overall health,” said Colnatec CEO Wendy Jameson, 2011 AIC winner.

“Winning Arizona Innovation Challenge allowed us to accelerate our 18-month plan for launching the completed CarbonSeal brand down to 9-months. In addition to the success of the launch, we have added additional production, sales and marketing staff that have greatly contributed to our growth, said James Butler, CEO, HJ3 Composite Technologies, 2011 AIC winner.

“The Arizona Innovation Challenge grant was key to the launching of our first MSDx product.  It came at a critical time for our business.  Because of the grant and the release of our product, we were able to raise additional angel capital for commercialization.  Now, our panel of blood testing products will be used by research and clinical laboratories working with patients who have brain disease,” said Marie Wesselhoft, President, MSDx, 2011 AIC winner.

“Sunsonix invested the AZ Innovation Challenge funding to accelerate commercialization of our SX-E™ cleaning solutions and develop the complementary SX-Tracer™. We developed these innovative chemistries and processes for effective removal of surface contaminates during semiconductor manufacturing, including solar wafer and cell processing. These chemistries are biodegradable and biocompatible, providing an environmentally safe process for removal of trace metal contaminants from silicon substrates. The funding also facilitated more intensive process demonstration with prospective clients to validate how effective substrate cleaning equates to improved device performance and manufacturing yield,” said Helmuth Treichel, CEO, Sunsonix, 2011 AIC winner.

“Winning the Arizona Innovation Challenge provides the funding that will allow us to bring on the additional engineering resources needed to take our new products to market,” Robert Brannen, PhD, President, Agave Semiconductor, spring 2012 AIC winner.

We are honored to receive this award from the ACA,” said Jeffrey Jacob, CEO, Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, 2012 spring AIC winner. “We will utilize the award proceeds to support our core clinical operations team who are setting up, initiating, and conducting two Phase III clinical trials, as well as our regulatory and manufacturing efforts.”