Invention, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (includes patents)

Invention, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (includes patents)

Whether you are an inventor or entrepreneur, you will find many useful resources.

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has a wealth of information and resources available on their website to help inventors and entrepreneurs. (24)

State of Arizona Research Library, Patent and Trademark Resources (PTRC): The State of Arizona Research Library has been designated as a Patent and Trademark Resource Center by the US Patent Office. In addition, as the state's regional Federal Depository Collection of federal documents, it receives patent-related materials. (24)


Arizona Commerce Authority:

  • Arizona Assets Map: Interactive map that identifies statewide assets and resources. Searchable categories include startup resources such as coworking spaces; university resources; incubators and accelerators; industry resources; and, capital resources. (23)

  • Arizona Programs: Includes Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Arizona Innovation Challenge, Virtual Accelerator, Venture Ready, Angel Investment, Research & Development, SBIR/STTR Resource Center)

  • Reference Room: Includes section on Innovation

  • StartUp: Learn about Venture Madness, Industry and Capital Resources, Business Lifecycle, Ecosystem Partners, and more.

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    • Arizona Innovation Connection - Weekly digest highlighting Arizona’s ecosystem, economic development, and funding opportunities.

    • Monthly ACA Newsletter - Topic-specific newsletter focusing on Arizona’s most important news and industries. (24)

 Arizona Technology Council: Not-for-profit Tech Networking Association - Connect and grow your business with other innovators, with access to hundreds of resources and networking events statewide. TechConnect is a partnership between the Arizona Technology Council and Arizona Commerce Authority. Since 2005, TechConnect has been dedicated to covering innovation and technology in Arizona and beyond. The TechConnect Magazine, a digital e-mag, is produced quarterly. (24)


A key component in Arizona’s life science ecosystem, the Arizona Bioindustry Association, Inc. (AZBio) is the only statewide organization exclusively focused on Arizona’s bioscience industry. AZBio membership includes patient advocacy organizations, life science innovators, educators, healthcare partners and leading business organizations. AZBio is the statewide affiliate of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and works in partnership with AdvaMed, MDMA, and PhRMA to advance innovation and to ensure that the value delivered from life-changing and life-saving innovation benefits people in Arizona and around the world. (24)


The Inventors Association of Arizona (IAA) is a non-profit organization formed to educate, support and provide a centralized source of information for inventors at all levels. (24)


PHX Startup Week (PHXSUW) brings together the PHX entrepreneurship community for six days of education, connection and support. This community-organized and community-run event is focused on bringing diverse voices to the table and cultivating a community, positioning PHX to thrive. Subscribe on their website to be kept informed of their activities. (24)


Startup Tucson is working to grow a strong, vibrant startup ecosystem of companies, entrepreneurs, and talent in Tucson by organizing educational events like hackathons, Thryve Weekend events and Lean LaunchPad workshops, as well as networking events. Startup Tucson is building impact in their region through their Idea-to-Impact Pipeline by supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and innovators, creating new programs to fill gaps in resources, and creating regional alignment. The Pipeline integrates their programs with those of strategic partners to help entrepreneurs seamlessly move from idea through innovation, incubation, investment, and impact. Subscribe on their website to be kept informed of their activities. (24)


Chamber Business News: Category - Technology: Chamber Business News, whose tagline is Business is our Beat, is dedicated to providing bottom-line news from across the state on various topics, including technology. 


Hackster and element14 communities: Members join for free and discuss and collaborate on all things tech: robotics, drones, virtual reality, home automation, wearables, security, automotive, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more. Both community websites have message boards, videos, and access to technological experts and products. There are product road tests and reviews. Hackster also hosts in-person workshops and meetups to help individuals – whether or not they have previous engineering or design experience – take their hardware ideas to the next level.


NPR Podcasts, Business: How I built this: Host Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the movements they built. (24)


Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

  • Invention Promotion Scams: Some inventors pay thousands of dollars to firms that promise to evaluate, develop, patent, and market inventions... and then do little or nothing for their fees. (24)

  • Tech: If your company designs, develops, or sells mobile apps, smartphones, or other tech tools, the FTC has resources to help you consider the privacy and security implications of your products and services. In addition, the FTC sponsors conferences and issues reports about consumer protection issues on the technology horizon. (24)


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