Advancing the safety, science and policy in the automated vehicle sector

A Roadmap for the Future

Safety Assessment Methodology
Roadway Infrastructure as a Service
Situational Awareness Capability
Individualized Active Traffic Management

IAM is pioneering what is becoming the national playbook for a safe and scalable transition to automated vehicles. The consortium brings together experts from the private industry, government and academia. With a strategic, forward-thinking roadmap, IAM provides the technical guidance and coordination to deploy automation to significantly increase safety and efficiency.


A Statewide, Real World Laboratory

Arizona is globally recognized as a hub for innovation and emerging technology. IAM members collaborate to drive the research and development of automated mobility in Arizona and beyond.


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Arizona’s Institute of Automated Mobility (IAM) pioneers national playbook for AV technology

As technology companies continue to invest billions in the testing and safe deployment of AV technology, Arizona promises to continue to be a leading center of innovation and discovery.

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Exponent Collaborates with the Institute of Automated Mobility

Engineering Partnership Develops Evaluation Metrics and Methods for Automated Vehicles