Industry Leaders

Automated Driving Systems developers

IAM is committed to creating a transparent regulatory framework needed to ensure the full adoption of automated vehicles (AVs). ADS developers have the opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders to further develop AV technology, while gaining greater insights into the governmental entities that are an essential partner in the advancement of the industry.

Safety experts

Involvement in IAM allows safety experts to assemble consistent public safety messages for all forms of vehicle automation, as well as research current and future traffic safety challenges. IAM is an opportunity to work collaboratively to create uniform policies and training for responding to and investigating AV crashes, which is key for police, first responders, insurance companies and court officials. 


OEMs and automakers

IAM’s real-world, living lab provides a significant benefit for manufacturers. With access to member test tracks and a statewide camera network, IAM offers an unique opportunity for an information loop.


Early-stage ventures in IAM have access to a pool of resources, leading experts and new markets. Startups will receive insight into where the public sector and industry leaders are headed. This collaboration is a key competitive advantage for all IAM members. Innovators can get economies of scale that are traditionally out of their reach.