Work In Motion

IAM is committed to building an innovative ecosystem that collaborates on state-of-the-art research, development, testing and evaluation. Overseen by the Arizona Commerce Authority, IAM provides technical guidance and coordination to ensure the prudent implementation of automated mobility.


Automated vehicles (AV) are ushering in the future of transportation, with the potential of fewer fatalities, less congestion and greater efficiency. With a strategic, forward-thinking roadmap, IAM members drive the development and deployment of safe and efficient automated mobility in Arizona and beyond. The journey to commercialization is outlined by IAM’s roadmap of four collaborative initiatives which are pursued in parallel.

Each initiative informs the other, starting with a safety assessment methodology which establishes the foundation to construct an infrastructure-wide situation awareness capability. This system will be enhanced with the implementation of an intelligent automated infrastructure and enhanced infrastructure operations.



IAM’s safety goals are to enable the safe introduction of automated vehicles and establish a Roadway Infrastructure as a Service (RIaaS) concept. This vision for safety includes municipalities and the private sector working together to measure the safety performance of both human-driven vehicles (HDV) and automated vehicles.


IAM’s efficiency goals are to develop a Situational Awareness Capability and an Individualized Active-Traffic Management (IATM) concept to increase roadway efficiency and, in turn, inform safer roadways. To fulfill these goals, the team is exploring how to enhance existing roadway infrastructure with automation.


  • IAM members were selected for a U.S. Department of Transportation grant to advance Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart Work Zone technologies in the state.

  • Waymo launches its fully driverless service to the general public.

  • Arizona becomes one of nine states included in the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing (AV TEST) Initiative, a pilot program from the U.S Department of Transportation.

  • IAM publishes the world’s definitive research paper defining the safety metrics for automated vehicles.

  • TuSimple and UPS announce the expansion of their automated-vehicle delivery routes with new trips between Phoenix and El Paso, along with more routes between Phoenix and Tucson.

  • IAM and the Greater Phoenix Smart Region sign an MOU to collaborate on planning the physical infrastructure necessary to facilitate the scaled, efficient deployment of connected and automated vehicles, with a focus on electric vehicles.

  • State Farm becomes the first insurance company to partner with IAM.

  • UPS Ventures makes a minority investment in TuSimple to test an automated-vehicle route in Arizona to improve efficiency for UPS deliveries.

  • Pima Community College and TuSimple announce the launch of the first-of-its-kind automated driving certificate program to equip truck drivers with the knowledge and skills to expand their roles in this new and rapidly expanding industry.

  • Udelv begins pilot with Walmart to deliver groceries in its autonomous delivery van in Surprise, Arizona.

  • The University of Arizona partners with state and local government agencies to help Southern Arizona become an industry leader in smart vehicle and intelligent transportation technologies. The group, Smart Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation (SVIT), is a P3 partnership.

  • Executive Order 2018-09 establishes the Institute of Automated Mobility (IAM), housed under the Arizona Commerce Authority.

  • TuSimple announces the expansion of its testing and manufacturing facilities in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Nuro launches an autonomous delivery service in partnership with Fry’s Food Stores in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Waymo’s CEO announces Arizona as the global testing location for its automated vehicles with the use of a public trial called the Early Rider Program.

  • ADS developer for commercial, heavy duty vehicles TuSimple, opens an office in Tucson, Arizona to rest and demonstrate its vehicles along I-10.

  • After announcing the acquisition of Israeli auto-visual company Mobileye, Intel announces it will build a fleet of Level 4, highly automated vehicles for testing. Arizona is the home to its first vehicle deployment.

  • GM and Cruise Automation bring its all-electric Chevy Bolts to Scottsdale, Arizona as part of its automated vehicle trial.

  • Google’s automated vehicle program, Waymo, announces the launch of driverless car testing in Arizona, offering free rides to volunteers.

  • Ford conducts trials with its automated Fusion hybrid at Arizona’s Proving Grounds in Wittmann, Arizona.

  • Executive Order 2018-04 is enacted supporting the testing and operation of automated vehicles, making Arizona the first state to do so. 

  • House Bill 2135 legalizes ride sharing services in Arizona.