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Workforce Arizona Council (WAC) was established to strengthen the workforce system by becoming more responsive to business needs. Under the guidance of the WAC, the dedicated team at ACA uses multiple approaches when addressing a variety of industry workforce needs.

A Sector Partnership is an industry-led effort that collectively defines common opportunities and challenges and connects these businesses with workforce, education, and economic development partners. These employer-driven and regional partnerships create highly customized solutions that improve a company's bottom line.

Real-World Solutions

Cochise Utilities Sector Partnership

After struggling to fill critical line worker positions at SulphurSprings Valley Electric Corporation, Jason Bowling, Human Resource Manager, decided to take a new approach. Reaching out to six other local utilities, he discovered that they shared the same challenges in finding qualified local candidates. Together they formed the Cochise Utilities Sector Partnership, dedicated to meeting industry needs in collaboration with workforce, education and economic development organizations. The partnership worked with Cochise Community College and Arizona Workforce Connection to develop new courses and a certificate program to prepare local candidates, improve the talent pipeline and provide long-term jobs for the community. Beyond filling workforce needs, the partnership continues to collaborate to address shared opportunities to improve competitiveness for the utilities cluster in Southern Arizona.

Coconino Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

The Coconino Advanced Manufacturing Partnership is an association of sixteen of the region’s leading manufacturers working in collaboration with regional economic development, workforce, and educational partners to improve the competitiveness of the region’s advanced manufacturing cluster. Identifying shared opportunities and requirements for growth in the sector, the partnership has coalesced around a tactical plan to address workforce and training needs, as well as infrastructure requirements for industry growth. Working with regional partners, the group has organized quarterly roundtables, developed incumbent worker training programs, and spearheaded a rebranding campaign to develop greater interest in careers in manufacturing.

Kingman and Mohave Manufacturing Association

In response to rapid decline in the number of manufacturing jobs in the region, the Kingman and Mohave Manufacturing Association (KAMMA) convened as a partnership among employers and community partners committed to supporting the growth of the sector. Facilitated by Mohave County Workforce Development and working in partnership with business champions, KAMMA works to improve the competitiveness of the region’s manufacturing cluster by creating stronger workforce pipelines, marketing the manufacturing capacity and expertise of the region, supporting infrastructure improvements, and responding to changing opportunities for cluster growth. The partnership has established itself as the go-to forum for businesses in the manufacturing and manufacturing services industries to address common problems and develop collaborative solutions.

“The opportunities for the future of KAMMA are unlimited because of the mindset we have. We believe we can address anything the manufacturing community wants to address—we have a voice, we have some concrete wins, and we have the buy-in of the greater community.”