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Application Form

The Arizona Advanced Manufacturing Grant provides discounted pricing for access to an ecosystem in Arizona to lower the barrier to startup innovation and growth in semiconductors. It provides shared semiconductor fabrication and characterization equipment with pilot-scale capabilities for those companies that are not presently users or are small users of the facilities. We will provide a 1:1 match of ASU’s Core Facility usage (up to $75,000 per company).


Applications will be reviewed monthly and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is completed.

(Must be non-administrative (person’s sole responsibility is not administrative in nature) A full-time employee would be considered an individual working at least 35 hours/week for this company, paid or unpaid The two-employee minimum may include founders or active investors who otherwise meet these criteria Having more than one part-time employee add up to one or more full-time equivalent employee(s) to try to meet the minimum two-employee rule is acceptable.)

Facilities Alignment
(For more information, please see program guidelines)

Arizona Investment
Note: It is possible for an applying company to be located outside of Arizona, but that company must plan to relocate or create a portion of its operations in Arizona.
Target Industry Alignment
Target Industry Growth and Market Size
Incumbants' Power
Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL).
For guidance:
Non-IP Barriers to Entry
Value Proposition
Evidence of Market Traction