Alarm-Related Business/Alarm Agent

Alarm-Related Business/Alarm Agent

An alarm business may not operate until the alarm business and each controlling person submits applications and receives certification from the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

Alarm business includes a business, all or a part of which sells, leases, installs, services and/or monitors any alarm system. An alarm business includes a monitoring agency and authorized alarm agents. Alarm Agent includes anyone, whether an employee, independent contractor or otherwise, who acts on behalf of an alarm business and tests, maintains, services, repairs, sells, rents, leases or installs alarm systems. (22)

Contact: Arizona Board of Technical Registration, Alarm Industry Applicants, 602.364.4930

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Arizona Alarm Association (AzAA): Non-profit organization which is recognized as the association which represents burglar alarm companies in the state. All security & electronic systems companies in the state are invited to join. In addition to alarm companies, AzAA has an associate member program for suppliers and other persons associated with the industry. (22)