Tour/Guide Services

Tour/Guide Services 

Tour/Guide services may require a special use permit from the USDA Forest Service and/or a license from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. (21)

Contact: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service: Contracts & Commercial Permits: Commercial permits, 505.842.3292

Contact: Arizona Game and Fish Department: Guide License Application, 602.942.3000


Businesses may be responsible for the motor carrier tax or light motor vehicle fee, which are administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Also, tours conducted by motor vehicles, such as jeeps, vans or buses are considered passenger transportation and may be required to meet certain standards or requirements from the Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). The Mandatory Insurance Department of MVD will provide the insurance coverage requirements.

If the vehicle is capable of carrying 16 or more passengers, a commercial driver’s license may be required.

Contact: Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division, Phoenix 602.255.0072 or Tucson 520.629.9808 or Arizona toll free 800.251.5866


If you operate or conduct a business that charges admission or user fees for exhibition, amusement or entertainment, you may be subject to transaction privilege (sales) tax/licensing under the Amusements classification. Taxable business activities include some tours. For more information, click here. (21)


Additional Information:

Arizona Department of Revenue, Publications: 604 Amusements 

Arizona Commerce Authority: Arizona Assets Map: Interactive tool to assist businesses considering relocation or expansion in Arizona, as well as visitors and citizens. Searchable by more than 19 categories. Includes: State and National Parks and Monuments; Arts, Culture, Landmarks, and Outdoor Activities; and Land Ownership (21)

Visit Arizona Trade | Visit Arizona: All the resources you need to help plan unforgettable Arizona adventures. Meet helpful team members, download brochures, plan itineraries and more. Help your clients experience the authentic side of Arizona on an unforgettable vacation. (21)

Arizona Guides Association: Non-profit organization which provides voluntary certification. (21)