Film and Digital Media

Film and Digital Media

Your film and digital media project may require various permits along with fees and proof of insurance, depending on your film location in various jurisdictions ranging from city/county property, state-owned lands, tribal and/or federal lands in Arizona. It is the responsibility of the production to ensure the legal permissions are acquired prior to filming. In most jurisdictions, proof of insurance is required. Arizona Film & Digital Media, a program of the Arizona Commerce Authority, is the certified film commission for the State of Arizona and can assist you with your location, permitting, and other production needs including crew, talent, and support services statewide. 
For project assistance and to utilize our Reel Savings Discount/Rebate vendor program, simply Register Your New Project with Arizona Film & Digital Media (A Program of the Arizona Commerce Authority). We'll contact you to assist with your needs. 

To inform us about a completed production or recently wrapped project filmed in Arizona, please click here. We work to share completed projects on our Filmed in Arizona webpage. 

Arizona Film & Digital Media is dedicated to growing and identifying the industry workforce and vital support services statewide. If you or your film & digital media-related business are currently active in the industry, please list in our free, statewide Arizona Production Directory under the Crew, Talent, and/or Support Services (business) listings here. Productions frequently search our directory for the hiring of crew, and participating Reel Savings Discount/Rebate vendors. To see what types of businesses are support services to the industry, click here.

For interest in film & digital media training opportunities, click here.

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Additional Information:

Arizona Film & Digital Media was established in 2016 with a focus on establishing Arizona as an ideal filming and digital media destination for the entertainment industry. The program's website includes information on film offices, locations/permits, industry resources, production essentials, and the Reel Savings discount incentive program, which provides discounts from participating Reel Savings businesses (“Vendors”) to participating Reel Savings entertainment industry professionals and productions (“Users”) doing business in the State of Arizona. (22)