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The Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media is here to assist you with film permits for usage of city property, state-owned lands, tribal, and federal lands in Arizona. Your project may require various permits, along with fees and proof of insurance, depending upon each specific location. We've provided some helpful links below to some primary permitting agencies to get you started. Not every permit requires a fee. 

Currently, there are no application fees for permits requesting to film on State park lands, highways, or roads.
Find your location first and the jurisdiction, then see if a permit is needed to film there. If you need further assistance, Register Your Project and tell us about the locations you'd like to use and we'll be glad to help direct you to the proper permitting authority.


Permit Time Frames: (Subject to Change) 

Permits NOT submitted in advance of a jurisdiction's time frame MAY NOT BE GRANTED.

City of Phoenix: 24 Hours 
City of Tucson: 24 Hours 
AZ Dept. of Transportation: 10 Business Days
AZ State Parks & Trails: 10 Business Days (Small Scale); 30 Business Days (Large Scale) 
AZ Federal Lands: (Ranges below, check with specific jurisdiction)
     Bureau of Land Management: 30 - 60 Business Days 
     National Park Service (NPS), Monuments, Recreation Areas: 10 - 45 Business Days

     Grand Canyon National Park - 10 Days
     Glenn Canyon National Rec Area (Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend) - 45 Days 
National Forest Service (NFS): 60 Business Days 
AZ Tribal Lands: 30-60 Business Days (May 2021 - Some Tribal Authorities have suspended permitting, such as Navajo Nation, with parks remaining closed. Havasupai Falls is closed thru 2/2022.) 

Who is my permitting authority?

: depends on who owns the land, just search it:



For filming on or within City and County areas, contact the nearest local film office. For additional assistance, you can also reach out to our government and industry liaisons known as our Film Resource Coordinators - Film Office/Film Resource Coordinators.



For more information on filming on state roads, parks and highways see the permit links below. Currently, there are no application fees for permits to film in state parks and along state roads and highways. If you need further assistance, please contact us

Arizona Department of Transportation

Permit Application
Permit ResourcesFind a State Road, Interactive State map with milepostsFind Arizona Airports
Rest Areas, Traffic Advisories, VIEW roadways in various areas (Use filters to search for specific areas). 


Arizona Department of Public Safety

Hire Off-duty Highway Patrol Officers for security and traffic control:
Contact: Brandy Reissner 
Phone: (602) 223-2855  
Mobile: (602) 769-4788 

Arizona Parks & Trails - 

Details on what's open/closed.

Permit Application
Permit Resource: Find a State Park

Off-Road State Park Locations 


Arizona State Trust Lands
Permit Application 
Public Information Request

(Account creation needed for access) 




(COVID-19 Impacts - Some federal locations and permitting authorities in Arizona are being impacted by the current pandemic. Please review the notations below.)   

Federal permits may be required for filming on national parks and forest lands in Arizona. This includes on waterways within these areas. Permits are governed by the administrator of the land which could be either the National Park Service (NPS), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or the National Forest Service (NFS).

National Parks, Monuments, Recreational Areas 

There are 24 National Park Service (NPS) units in Arizona, including three national parks (Grand Canyon (CV-19 Info), Petrified Forest, Saguaro). Additionally, there are four national monuments administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - (Agua Fria, Parashant-Grand Canyon, Ironwood Forest, Sonoran Desert, Vermillion Cliffs). 

Permits - National Park Service (No drones allowed)

Lake Mead Recreational Area - Permit information

Find information about - Arizona National Parks, National Monuments, and National Recreation Areas

Bureau of Land Management

Permits - Bureau of Land Management (Fire restrictions: Using exploding targets, fireworks, tracer ammunition, paper/sky lanterns, and other incendiary devices is prohibited year-round on all BLM-managed public land in Arizona.) 

National Forests 

There are six national forests located in Arizona, administered by the USDA's National Forest Service (NFS). Map 
Permits - National Forest Service  (Drone regulations

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

Coconino National Forest
Coronado National Forest
Kaibab National Forest
Prescott National Forest
Tonto National Forest



Filming and commercial photography on tribal lands require the approval of respective tribal governments.

Average permitting length: AZ Tribal Lands: 30-60 Business Days from time of submission. Some jurisdictions may process permits shorter or longer than the expected times above depending on staffing, permit scope, and impacts on the approval process, 

NOTE: As of May 2021, some Tribal authorities have suspended permitting, such as within Navajo Nation, with parks remaining closed until further notice. Havasupai Falls is closed thru 2/2022.

For permit information for tribal nations other than Navajo Nation, please contact us.


Native American Tribes in Arizona (Tribal information/Arizona Office of Tourism)

Additional Travel Tips & Guidelines (Arizona Office of Tourism)


COVID-19 Impacts -
(Permitting temporarily suspended)

Film & Commercial Photography Permits - Outside Tribal Park locations submit your permit applications to Navajo Nation TV & Film Office. 

Film & Commercial Photography Permits - Within Tribal Park locations submit your permit applications to Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation. Permits are approved by each tribal park jurisdiction: Little Colorado River, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Four Corners, Canyon de Chelly – Campground, Bowl Canyon, and the Navajo Veterans Memorial Park.

Filming Guidelines: Please be aware of all Navajo Nation Laws while visiting tribal parks. There is NO CREMATION, NO LITTERING, NO CLIMBING, and NO DRONES inside the Navajo Tribal Parks.

          MAP of locations within Monument Valley Tribal Park that require a permit

          Locations within Lake Powell Tribal Park that require a permit