Procurement Opportunities

Selling to the Government

Marketing and selling to the government can be more challenging than marketing and selling to the private sector. Procurement procedures may have a different set of rules and regulations, and while you may be able to use many of the same marketing techniques and strategies you already employ, it would be important to learn the differing nuances which will help you do business with the state, federal and local governments. (22)

Government Contracting Resources

The following organizations provide an understanding of government contracting and the know-how to obtain and successfully perform federal, state and local government contracts. Additional services may include certification and registration assistance, training, marketing, and computerized bid matching. Some may offer services without charge. (22)

Additional Information:
Arizona Entrepreneur's Edge Resource Guide, Chapter 7: Marketing and Selling Your Products or Services 

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Federal Contracting: Learn how to find and win contracts with the federal government, and about contracting assistance programs, counseling and help. (22)