Selling to the Local Government

Selling to the Local Government

The Arizona State Procurement Office administers cooperative purchasing agreements with counties, cities/towns, school districts and non-profits. Visit their website for more information and a listing of their members. (24)

Contact: Arizona Department of Administration, State Procurement Office, State Purchasing Cooperative, 602.542.7600 


In order to do business with Maricopa County, vendors must register at Bidsync. (24)

Contact: Maricopa County, Office of Procurement Services, Vendor Registration, 602.506.3967


In order to do business with Pima County, vendors must first have a Vendor Self Service (VSS) account. (24)

Contact: Pima County, Procurement Department, 520.724.8161


Additional Information:

Vendors are encouraged to approach the purchasing departments of each county and city/town office to present their products and/or services.