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Support Services Vendors

Hundreds of small businesses provide essential support services to help produce film and digital media projects in Arizona. The products and services can be as varied as the needs for your production - from accommodations, transportation, and food service, to equipment, hardware, event planning, and so much more. Search vendors by the pre-filtered categories below, or search and filter among ALL CATEGORIES.

Reel Savings Discount/Rebate Program
For projects that are registered with our office, discounts and rebates of up to 30% are available to you by special vendors that participate in our statewide Reel Savings Discount/Rebate Program. Reel Savings Vendors are notated with (Blue Dots) next to their business names. You can also SEARCH ALL Reel Savings Vendors hereTo become a Reel Savings vendor, elect it in your existing profile or during registration as a Support Service vendor in our Arizona Production Directory. 

Arizona Motion Picture Production Program (AZMPPP)-related Facilities
To search for a vendor designated as a "Qualified Production Facility" and/or "Industry Standard Facility" for use with the new Arizona Motion Picture Production Program you may search pre-filtered categories below. Vendor facilities have color-coded designations: Qualified Production Facility (Red Dot), and  Industry Standard Facility (Green Dot). Or, you may SEARCH ALL of these vendors (from all categories) in the buttons below.
**Not all facilities are listed yet. Please ask a vendor to update their profile in our directory to include their facility designation, and provide them with this link to register an MPPP facility.

NOTE: Registration and listing on this site does not guarantee that a facility meets the legal requirements of a QPF or an ISF, and the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) reserves the right to review a facility’s eligibility to be designated as such, to remove facilities from the directory that do not meet the required criteria and to deny applications for tax credits under the MPPP in the event facilities utilized by applicants fail to meet the legal requirements for a QPF or ISF, as applicable. 

ALL Industry standard facilities (MPPP)all qualified production facilities (MPPP)