Production companies seeking to work internationally on projects based in Mexico will need to make sure crew & talent have valid passport cards or passport books (*A U.S. Passport Book will be required if traveling by air to-and-from the U.S. to Mexico. U.S. Passport Cards can ONLY be used in crossing the border between the U.S. and Mexico by land or seaports), proper travel & production insurance, as well as, multi-language speaking capabilities. Mexico DOES CHARGE A FEE, which is approximately equal to $22 US, to all tourists and business visitors arriving in the country.

Regarding bringing in film/camera equipment in/out of Mexico and the U.S. you'll want to look into using the ATA Carnet (Int'l customs document). Here are some Carnet resource information links:  U.S. Information and Mexico.

For more information regarding working on projects based in Mexico, please contact: 

Lorena Rueda
Film Resource Coordinator for Sonora,
Arizona Mexico Commission
Ph: 602-364-0338
Email: [email protected] 
Working in Mexico FAQs