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The Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media is here to assist you with film permits for usage of city property, state-owned lands, tribal, and federal lands in Arizona. Your project may require various permits, along with fees and proof of insurance, depending upon each specific location. We've provided some helpful links below to some primary permitting agencies to get you started. Not every permit requires a fee. 

Currently, there are no application fees for permits requesting to film on State park lands, highways, or roads.
Find your location first and the jurisdiction, then see if a permit is needed to film there. If you need further assistance, Register Your Project and tell us about the locations you'd like to use and we'll be glad to help direct you to the proper permitting authority.

Permit Time Frames: (Subject to Change) Permits NOT submitted in advance of a jurisdiction's time frame MAY NOT BE GRANTED.  Permit contacts and details are in the appropriate sections located on this page.

City of Phoenix: 2-14 Business Days (COI and permit fee must be submitted 48 business day hours in advance of first call time AND the permit must be signed by ALL parties no later than 24 business day hours in advance of first call time)
City of Tucson: 24 Hours 
AZ Dept. of Transportation: 10 Business Days
AZ State Parks & Trails: 10 Business Days (Small Scale); 30 Business Days (Large Scale) 
AZ Federal Lands: (Ranges below, but check with specific jurisdictions because there are changes to film permitting procedures by the National Park Service and other federal agencies)
     Bureau of Land Management: 30 - 60 Business Days
     National Park Service (NPS), Monuments, Recreation Areas: 10 - 45 Business Days     
     National Forest Service (NFS): 60 Business Days 
AZ Tribal Lands: 30-60 Business Days (Update on 3/17/22 - Some Tribal Authorities have suspended permitting, such as locations within Navajo Nation's "Tribal Parks". Please contact them for details. The Havasupai Tribe has suspended all tourism and access to Havasupai Falls thru June 1, 2022.)

Who is my permitting authority?

: depends on who owns the land, just search it:



Please register your project with us prior to reaching out to our local partners so we're aware of your production and outreach efforts. 

For filming on or within City and County areas, contact the nearest local film office. For additional assistance, you can also reach out to our government and industry liaisons known as our Film Resource Coordinators - Film Office/Film Resource Coordinators.

OTHER Resources:

Hire Off Duty Deputy:
Maricopa County Sheriff's Department 
Maricopa County jurisdictions only - Jurisdiction LocatorWebsite Information You can file your request for hire via: Online PortalEmail: [email protected], By Phone: Call OFF DUTY MANAGEMENT (24/7) - 602-675-5261


Please register your project with us prior to reaching out to our state partners so that we're aware of your production and outreach efforts.

For more information on filming on state roads, parks and highways see the permit links below. Currently, there are no application fees for permits to film in state parks and along state roads and highways. If you need further assistance, please contact us

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Permit Application and Contact
Permit ResourcesFind a State Road, Interactive State map with milepostsFind Arizona Airports, Rest Areas, Traffic Advisories, VIEW roadways in various areas (Use filters to search for specific areas). 
1) ADOT's Insurance Requirements are NON-NEGOTIABLE.
2) Send your INSURANCE PROVIDER ADOT Insurance Requirements PDF.  This ensures the COI is completed properly and that the production company meets the requirements.
3) Failing to meet ADOT's specific insurance requirements, including documentation and verbiage, will result in a permit denial
4) Filing an incorrect or incomplete permit and COI will delay and potentially jeopardize a permit being granted. 
5) ADOT requests that permits and COI be submitted a MINIMUM of 10 Business Daysprior to the start of production, to review your documentation, conduct a risk assessment, and process the film permit.
(Updated: 7.5.23 - ***Please be advised that a permit from the National Forest Service (NFS) is required for filming on/along any roadway that goes through National Forest Service lands, even if you're only filming on the road itself and not adjacent NFS lands. Please visit the federal permitting section of this webpage for more information.


Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS)

Hire Off-duty Highway Patrol Officers for security and traffic control:
Contact: Brandy Reissner 
Phone: (602) 223-2855  
Mobile: (602) 769-4788 

Arizona State Parks & Trails 

Permit Application & ContactPermit Resources: Find a State ParkOff-Road State Park Locations, Off-Highway Trails; 2023 AZ Parks & Trails Digital Guide


Arizona State Trust Lands (Arizona State Land Department)
Permit Application, Public Information Request

(Account creation needed for access) 


Arizona Governmental Buildings (Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA)
Permit Application & Contact 
- Complete the Special Event application, which will then determine your liability insurance requirements for the size and scope of your project. 

For filming permissions on the Capitol Lawn contact the Arizona Legislative Council
Phone: 602-926-4236, Email: [email protected], Website: Arizona State Legislature Capitol Lawn Information   




Please register your project with us prior to reaching out to our federal partners so we're aware of your production efforts and outreach.

Federal permits MAY be required for commercial filming and photography on lands managed by the U.S. government and administered by various federal agencies. These lands include national infrastructure, parklands, wildernesses, and forest lands in Arizona. This also includes commercial film/photography activities on waterways within these areas.

Federal permits are governed by the administrator of the land/water, monument, or site. Agencies include the National Park Service (NPS), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the National Forest Service (NFS), the Bureau of Reclamation, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. In some instances, lands are jointly managed with tribal nations and may require joint permitting. Be advised that permitting rules, costs, and processing vary with each federal agency/jurisdiction so it's imperative that you research the rules and submit permits well in advance of your project dates since it could take up to 45 business days to process permits in some jurisdictions.  

Find an Arizona National Parks, National Monuments, and National Recreation Areas

National Parks, National Monuments, National Recreational Areas
National Park Service (NPS) Permit Link - Commercial Film & Photography

(No drones allowed) 

New federal permitting guidance has been issued in 2021 regarding commercial film permits. Photography permit guidance remains unchanged. Please review all commercial permitting rules carefully, not only impacting NPS, but other federal agencies as well. While film permits may no longer be required in some federal jurisdictions, we highly recommend that you contact each permitting location, and continue to practice professional production standards, including but not limited to, maintaining proper liability insurance, and following all laws regarding land use and commercial activities.
If known, we've included the approximate general permit processing times for photography along with permitting links. Again, processing can take anywhere from 10 to 45 business days prior to your shoot dates to process. Liability insurance may be required up to $1M listing the US Government as additionally insured. Restrictions on drone use also exist. 

There are 24 National Park Service (NPS) managed locations in Arizona including:

Grand Canyon (10 to 30 Business Days)
Petrified Forest


Canyon de Chelly National Monument - Permits (Requires both NPS and Navajo Nation Permits)

(30 Business Days)

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument - Permits 

Chiricahua National Monument - Permits

Coronado National Memorial -Permits

Fort Bowie National Historic Site - Permits

Within Flagstaff Area:

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site - Permits; Map/Visuals

Sunset Crater Volcano, Walnut Canyon, Wupatki National Monuments (Permit Application)


Glenn Canyon National Rec Area (Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend) - Permits (45 Business Days) 
Lake Mead Recreational Area (AZ/NV) (Lake Mead, Lake Mohave (Katherine Landing)) - Permit Link (Minimum 10 Business Days, but can take up to 45 days to process. Winter Holidays: No permits are processed from 3rd week of December through 1st week of January. ) 

National Forest Areas

There are six national forests located in Arizona, administered by the USDA's National Forest Service (NFS).

(4-6 Weeks Permit Process) (Updated: 7.5.23 - ***Please be advised that an NFS permit is required for filming on/along any managed roadway that goes through National Forest Service land, even if you're only filming on the road itself and not adjacent NFS lands. For example, you would have your ADOT permit for your filming on the state-managed roadway and then you'd have your federal NFS permit since the roadway transgresses federal forestry lands. 
Permits - National Forest Service  (Drone regulations

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
Coconino National Forest 
Coronado National Forest
Kaibab National Forest
Prescott National Forest
Tonto National Forest


Bureau of Land Management 

Permits may be required to film on BLM-managed lands. 
BLM Arizona Permitting Contact: 

Dolores Garcia
BLM Public Affairs
[email protected]
Film Permits - Bureau of Land Management 

Fire restrictions: Using exploding targets, fireworks, tracer ammunition, paper/sky lanterns, and other incendiary devices is prohibited year-round on all BLM-managed public land in Arizona.

There are several national monuments administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - (Agua Fria, Parashant-Grand Canyon, Las Cienegas, Ironwood Forest, Sonoran Desert, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument), San Pedro Riparian NCA 
Paria Canyon - Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area - Coyote Buttes North (aka The Wave


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service conducts conservation efforts and manages National Fish Hatcheries, and National Wildlife Refuges. There are eight National Wildlife Refuges in Arizona.  
Wildlife Refuges

Special Use Permits are needed for commercial film and digital media activities. 

Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge
Imperial National Wildlife Refuge (AZ/CA)
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge
Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge 
Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge
Cibola National Wildlife Refuge (AZ/CA)
San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge (AZ/CA)

National Fish Hatcheries:

Alchesay-Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery Complex

(2 locations on White Mountain Apache Tribal lands in the White Mountains, AZ)


US Customs & Border Protection (Arizona)

Filming along the US southern border of Arizona on federally managed lands near border security installations requires permission from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Customs & Border Protection (CBP). 

Film permit requests for TV/Film/Documentary productions are handled by the CBP Office of Public Affairs' Television & Motion Picture Division. *Please note that while film permissions have been approved in the past for scenes along border wall/fenced areas, permissions for filming at an "active" Port of Entry where law enforcement, vehicles, and pedestrians are crossing, is extremely unlikely.   

Film Permit Process

1) Please use this link to register your AZ film project with our office, prior to connecting with your DHS/CBP film contact below.

2) Your Film Permit Contact is Anne Sittman, Deputy Directory of CBP Office of Public Affairs Television and Motion Picture Division, email [email protected], phone +1 (202)-423-5402.

3) When emailing Anne, please copy Arizona CBP Public Affairs contacts Robert Daniels, [email protected], and John Mennell, [email protected].

Additional film resources are available for working with Dept. of Homeland Security: Office of MultimediaEntertainment Industry Contacts.

News Media Requests

John Mennell
Supervisory, Public Affairs Specialist
CBP Public Affairs - Media Division
[email protected]

Rob Daniels
Public Affairs Specialist
520-519-7038 office
[email protected]


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Arizona)
Handles permitting for requests to film at Dam facilties in Arizona. (Hoover Dam and Davis Dam)

Commercial Filming & Photography Webpage

If you have questions or need more information, please contact our regional public affairs office.

Public Affairs Officer
[email protected]
Upper Colorado Region Office
125 South State Street, room 8100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84137-1147




Please register your project with our film commission before you contact the following tribal contacts so that we're aware of your outreach and production efforts.

Filming and commercial photography on tribal lands require the approval of respective tribal governments.

Average permitting length: AZ Tribal Lands: 30-60 Business Days from time of submission. Some jurisdictions may process permits shorter or longer than the expected times above depending on staffing, permit scope, and impacts on the approval process. Please email [email protected] if you don't see a point of contact for a tribe you need below.

Email filming request: ATTN: Attorney General Rebecca Loudbear
[email protected]
Attorney General's office 928-669-1271  

Visit Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation

Email project information and film request details to the Vice-Chairman Shan Lewis  and cc', Assistant Terri Medrano below:

Shan Lewis
Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
[email protected]
Terri Medrano
Assistant to the Vice-Chairman
Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
[email protected]

office: 760-629-4591

Email filming request to Paul Shorthair
Land Use Ordinance Officer
Department of Land Use Planning & Zoning, Gila River Community
[email protected]
office: (520) 562-6003 ext. 6510
cell: (520) 610-6546
fax: (520) 562-6040

Email filming request for Havasupai Tribal areas to General Counsel Denten Robinson and copy Abbie Fink with tribal communications. Please be advised that filming within the remote Havasupai Falls area requires a permit and is accessible only by a long hike or helicopter service provided by the tribe's authorized vendor.
Denten Robinson
General Counsel, Havasupai Nation
[email protected]
office: (480) 500-6656
Abbie Fink
Tribe Communications | Havasupai Nation

[email protected]

For related information about the area, reservations, and logistics visit the following resources:
Campground Reservations
Lodging Reservations
Grand Canyon National Park Service information about the Havasupai Tribal area

Email filming requests to Hopi Tribe General Counsel Frederick Lomayesva, [email protected]. Office: 928-734-3143, Fax: 928-734-3143. Additionally, send a hard copy of the request by standard mail:

Attn: Frederick Lomayesva
Office of General Counsel
Hopi Tribe
P.O. Box 123
Kykotsmovi Village, AZ 86039

There are two main tribal permitting areas:
1) Lands within the 9,000 acre vacinity of Grand Canyon West
Contact: Grand Canyon Resort Corporation
Lea Cooper
Marketing Director | Grand Canyon Resort Corporation
[email protected]
[email protected]
Grand Canyon West
Film Permit Fees
Film Permit Application
2) Lands OUTSIDE the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation permitting areas, such as Desert Creek and Peach Springs.
Contact: Kevin Davidson, AICP
Planning and Economic Development Director
Hualapai Indian Tribe
P.O. Box 179
887 W Highway 66
Peach Springs, AZ 86434
(928) 769-1310
[email protected]
COVID-19 Impacts

Film & Commercial Photography Permits: 

(Outside Tribal Park areas) Submit your permit application to Navajo Nation TV & Film Office.

(Within Tribal Park areas) Submit your permit application to Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation. Permits are approved by location within each of the (5) tribal park jurisdictions that manage: Monument Valley Tribal Park (Monument Valley); Little Colorado River Tribal Park (Little Colorado River GorgeLake Powell Tribal Park (Upper/Lower Antelope Canyon, Upper/Lower East Waterholes Canyon, Rainbow Bridge Trail), Four Corners, Canyon de Chelly Campground (Canyon de Chelly also requires US National Park Service permit), Bowl Canyon, and the Navajo Veterans Memorial Park. (See tribal park permit above.)

***Productions must follow all film protocols and guidelines for filming on Navajo Nation: Including, but not limited to, all Navajo Nation Laws while visiting tribal parks. There is NO CREMATION, NO LITTERING, NO CLIMBING, and NO DRONES allowed inside the Navajo Tribal Parks.

          MAP of locations within Monument Valley Tribal Park that require a permit

          Locations within Lake Powell Tribal Park that require a permit 

Please email film and digital media requests to Economic Development Specialist Kodee Goseyun at [email protected] with follow-up calls to 928.475.1600 (ext. 1794). Visit San Carlos

Filming on SRPMIC lands requires a Special Use Permit (SUP) to be issued - Permit Application (updated July 2023). Permiting webpage. Please email the completed SUP document to [email protected] and copy, Julio Lugo, [email protected]. Permitting fees are paid over the phone via the Cashiers Office at (480) 362-4620. Email: [email protected]. There is no Internet payment portal. 

Permitting Contact:
Julio Lugo
Planner I, Planning Services Division
Community Development Department
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
10005 East Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Office: 480.362.3162

Cell: 480.876.0922


All film and digital media requests for Tohono O'odham are submitted via email to Matt Smith, Principal at SIMG, Inc. in Tucson - [email protected] (520-907-1234). Please also copy, Matt Probst, Senior Associate - [email protected]. Main contact phone: 520-321-1111.


Native American Tribes in Arizona (Tribal information/Arizona Office of Tourism)

Tribal Lands Travel Tips & Etiquette (Arizona Office of Tourism)