Arizona SSBCI Technical Assistance Grant Program

The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) manages the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Technical Assistance (TA) Program for small businesses that have previously applied or are applying for capital from a SSBCI supported program or other eligible federal or state program.


This is not a loan program; the program’s outcome is to prepare Arizona businesses for either debt or equity funding by providing legal, accounting and financial advisory services. Technical Assistance is funded through group or one-on-one assistance depending on the progression of the business.


For accurate service, please review what stage your business is in to help determine next steps:

Small businesses who have operated 0 years:

I am thinking about starting a new business and want GENERAL information to begin.

The ACA has resources and partners that can help educate you on the general requirement of starting a business in Arizona:

  • The ACA's Small Business Checklist is a free interactive checklist designed to provide Arizona business information (Licensing, Taxes, Business formation).
  • SCORE Arizona offers no-cost mentors that share wisdom, expertise and knowledge to help you start your business.
  • BBB Blueprint is a free, online course dedicated to help entrepreneurs develop their business. The course will cover ideation, value propositions, banking and sales, legal preparedness, branding, and web development.

Small businesses who have operated 0-1 years:

I have started a business AND would like HELP GROWING AND expandING.

The ACA has resources and partners that can help you grow and expand a business in Arizona:

Small businesses who have operated 1-2+ years:

I would like to prepare for BUSINESS funding.

The ACA has resources and partners that can assist in preparing for the funding process:  

Small businesses who have operated 2+ years:

I am fully prepared to apply for a loan and need Technical Assistance, OR was previously denied for a business loan and need Technical Assistance.

If Prepared

  1. Make sure the Funding Readiness Checklist has been completed in its entirety.
  2. Contact one of the three partnering loan institutions for a business loan inquiry (Clearinghouse CDFI, Lendistry or Prestamos CDFI) OR another loan institution.

If Previously Denied

  1. Contact the institution that denied your application and obtain information regarding the denial.
  2. Contact Prestamos CDFI to request a Technical Assistance Consultation, please make sure to bring the information about your denial with you for your consultation. 

Small businesses who are seeking venture capital:

I am Currently participating in a venture program such as venture ready accelerator.


If you are working with an expert business coach, such as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) or mentor, please have them email [email protected] for a technical assistance request.